On the high night appears Pirerayen, the flower of the ice, which loses its petals with the first rays of the sun. On ice, it appear the small red flowers, shaped like a heart in the center, but if someone arrives at that very moment, thinks that an injured person would have walked, bleeding, from the ice bridge till the north wall of the pond which falls on the icy waters. By behind of the mount "La Corona" (the Crown), the highest, in the "Cordillera of the Wind", it has a small pond, nestled between the hills, giving rise to the stream Huingan Có.

Due to its height and fitting, possesses stretches of eternal glaciers that, nor even in very dry years melt away and during most of the year the lake remains frozen. When the melting occurs in late spring, the rising of the creek, a bridge of ice is formed, extending into a tunnel more than a hundred yards down the hill.

Once, the beautiful Millameulén (wind of gold) said to his beloved Huilliman (condor of the south), who only marry him if he got the most beautiful and rare flower found high in the Andes.

As her lover did not return, Millameulén followed in his deformed footsteps in the snow until reach the ice bridge at the source of the stream Huingan Có. There, she noticed that the footprints turned into a red line, such as blood, and stooping to look, can see that was some small red flowers that only stood out from the ice.

She cut a flower and approached it to the lips, crying for their lost beloved, Huilliman.

With his passionate kiss, one heart, totally white as snow, was formed in the center of the flower. She realized then that her beloved, by not to find a flower worthy of your love, became, himself, in the rarest flower, spectacular and beautiful of the Cordillera.

To show even more his love, when the girl began to return, all the flowers faded, except the one that she carried prey in his hair dark.
Pirerayen, the flower of ice, is very searched by the passionate because it is said that returns lost love and strengthens the weakened love.

For the more adventurous and explorers, Huingan-Có offers guided tours to the sights of the place that require more effort and the path is not as simple as the others.

Among the places to know, with a guide, stood out La Corona, with a rise of about 2,992 meters above sea level, five hours of brisk walking to reach the summit.
To get to where the tour starts you should take the road leading into the woods. There you reach the shipping sector for the track leading to the summit.

During the tour you can enjoy the amazing landscape that surrounds the Cordillera of the Wind, and a few meters from the top, the small lake, told in the legend, surrounded by eternal snows, from where is born the Huingan Có.
From the top, a panoramic view of the place, with its ponds, rivers and the majestic Cordillera of the Andes.

Another guided tour is the Monument Cañada Molina, accessed by the Provincial Road No. 39, more or less 7 km from the town of Huingan-Có, 1600 meters of the sea level.
The area has a superfice of ​​50 hectares and is a place designed to protect the relics of cypress trees that are about 1200 years old.

Finally, the petroglyphs of Colo Michi Có, unique place in all Patagonia and South America, considered one of the most important places of rock art.

The place is found traveling through  Provincial Road No. 39, which connects to the city of Varvarco. The petroglyphs are 1,890 meters above sea level and the site is composed of 600 blocks of written. The studies determine that they were conducted around the year 500 AD and have a religious character. On all trips, a guide is recommended.