Los Funerales de Atahualpa (Museu de Arte de Lima/Peru)

                                  The Funeral of Atahualpa (Art Museum of Lima / Peru)

When the sunlight faded, on August 29, 1533 (1) was forever. The son of the Sun, Inca Atahualpa, was dead, and with him the great Tahuantinsuyo died too. The Andes trembled as if an earthquake of gigantic proportions had impacted its structure and, the instability that followed did not start out on the slopes and valleys, but within each person that lived in the light of the Inti (Sun) of who the Inca was the Son.

Everyone hasted, they wanted to see him one last time, be with Atahualpa, even just a little bit more, when he seemed only asleep, and the night stretched out, full of tears and cries of despair; perpetuating the darkness in their hearts.
There would be no more rainbow, there would be no more bridge between the sun and rain to remind them of the alliance that existed between the Sun God and his people. The Flag of the Tahuantinsuyo, the Flag of the Rainbow, had been torn into thousands of pieces and its color was diluted on the color of mud of the boots of the enemy.

The executors let wither the day, as if they feared the light, for the consummation of their crime, and two hours after sunset led him to the torture; this trusty report is enough to describe the insanity and hatred of those who, in the name of Jesus Christ, bring the torture and death, wherever they go, using the name of God to solve their acts of greed, throughout history.

In fact, none of this can be explained, just registered with the sadness of a grief that never ended. As the dawn waits for the sunrise, the Tahantinsuyo waits for the comeback of the Sun, to awaken in a radiant day that will make it forget the storm of lightenings and thunders that hit the golden roofs of Cusco, collapsing its buildings in ruins.

Legend has it that Atahualpa will awake from his sleep to order the chaos established in the domains of the Sun. Therefore expects the Inca people, preserving through its culture, the faith in the God Sun and in His Son, singing in unison, with a hoarse voice of lament, the song that could never be contained, the distressed cry succeeded by the sound of the flutes to wake up the Prince ...

                                      Hatariy, Sapa Inka Atawallpa! Hatariy!!

1) Some authors dated July 26, 1533.

* César Cantú, Historia Universal, Biblioteca Ilustrada de Gaspar y Roig, Madrid, 1866.
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